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Retractable screen door

Good morning everyone! The cooler weather is coming soon, and I can’t get enough of the breeze flowing through my house. It’s a favorite thing of ours to open our front doors.

The problem is that sometimes the dogs will wander outside the courtyard. Or, unwelcome guests (mice) might enter. This has never happened before, but it did scare me.

My husband and I had been discussing getting a screen to cover our front door since the day we moved into our new house. I kept hearing him tell me that some screens roll up so that you don’t even see them. I didn’t understand what he was talking about, and the images I had in my head weren’t what I expected. ODL contacted me about their Brisa-Retractable Screen Doors almost by accident.

When they asked me if it would be possible to have one installed in my home, I said yes! Check out my experience with the retractable screen door below. Below are affiliate links so you can buy yours from retailers. I’ll receive a small percentage of any purchase made through these links at no additional cost.

Cool genius retractable screen for single door

Brisa makes a range of retractable screen doors that will fit almost any opening. I chose the bronze color for our front door. It is a double door. It matches almost perfectly with our front door color.

The screen arrived right at my door. We immediately opened it up and installed it. According to the instructions, it takes only 30 minutes and requires a drill/driver.

It would be a great belief. Unfortunately, our house is not an easy place to live. Due to the position of our front doors and the fact we have 2×6 construction, it meant we had to make modifications to install the screen.

It was a short trip to Home Depot and then waiting for the paint to dry. We found that 3/4-inch square towels could fill in the gap. I  painted them to match the color of our door. Then we used them as a buffer between the screen and the door frame.

To compensate for our 2×6 house, we had to increase the height of the front stoop. Brisa screen includes an aluminum track that fits on the top of an existing aluminum frame/stoop.

We purchased a pressure-treated 4×4 and cut it to the correct height. After painting it, we attached it to the concrete step. This allowed for the aluminum plate to fit perfectly against the existing container.

Cool Genius Retractable Screen Door for Double Door

We used the 3/4″ dowels to shim the frame. The aluminum bottom plates are not the same width as the door. This allows the screen frame of different sizes to fit into the doors.

Retractable screen door

Brisa’s retractable screen kit includes weather stripping. This slides across each side of the door to make up the difference. It keeps your house dry and cool by allowing only the cooler air to escape.

Double screens require drilling holes for the top and bottom stops to slide into. This supports the screen in the middle. 

You can also leave one side open if you wish. ADL’s customer care was exceptional, and they were able to resolve my issue immediately.

The cool breeze blows through the house, so we can open the front doors and let our dogs out. You can also see lines on the screens which remind you to stay away from them. This is definitely a great addition.

Genius Cool Retractable Screen Door Costco

The screens will keep the girls safe from wandering off, but I doubt they will stop them from racing through the screens if they come across a rabbit playing around in the backyard. Dakota is unable to stop her 93-pound weight from smashing through the screen after a bunny.

The look of the screen door is amazing. It certainly exceeded my expectations. It blends seamlessly into our door, so nobody notices it except us. I’m excited about the cooler weather that is coming so we can open our front doors and let the animals in without having to worry about them wandering out. ODL offers a wide selection of doors and colors for those who are interested.

DISCLOSURE – I was compensated for writing this article. All opinions are 100% mine. See my disclosure statement to find out more. The traditional screen is not only awkward, but it also poses two major challenges for homeowners who want to screen their front door and French doors that lead to the back. 

It’s almost impossible to find an insect or solar screen that doesn’t impact the exterior of a door. Second, it is difficult to find one that can withstand high-traffic exterior doors.

The Wizard retractable door scraper allows homeowners to choose between an ugly traditional screen or a completely new design.

Retract view features a low-profile housing with a contemporary design that blends in with existing designs and is pulled into position only when required. 

COOL Genius Retractable Screen Door for Double Door

The screen’s custom latch keeps it in place while in use and releases when a pet or other person runs into it.

Wizard’s Technology makes it simple to use the low-profile upper or lower tracks one-handed. The side housing houses the screen, which can quickly retract and store out-of-sight if you require a clear view.

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